Bonk’s Revenge

Finished Bonk’s Revenge. The mechanics is pretty much the same as the previous game: You attack your enemy either with a short headbutt or by jumping and diving headfirst towards you target. The platforming element is also identical. You dash your dive to jump farther.

I think the developers felt the same way I did about Bonk’s powers when he eats a rib. In the first game all it did really was adding another hit point and changing your physical appearance. Here though, they added a couple of elements. You have an alien form which allows you to jump way higher than regular Bonk. There’s a monster form that gives your head attack a huge boost and the last and most interesting is the prisoner form that allows you to open sealed doors you will find throughout the levels. These rooms usually will have health or hearts allowing you to increase your hit points. The smiley coins also make a come back and you collect them for lives.

Another thing they did with the sequel was making it a lot easier. Like I said about the first game, Bonk is not the easier character to control midair. Apparently the developers felt the same and now Bonk is a lot more floaty in the air, giving you a lot of time to aim where you going to land. This is not exactly an improvement but since it’s a game for kids I guess it makes sense. It also makes sense story-wise as now most of the levels are located in space or spaceships where gravity doesn’t work the same way, giving Bonk a lot less weight.

The regular enemies you will find through the levels are a lot cooler now, looking more fierce and menacing (in appearance only, really). The bosses got ridiculously easy. You fight each boss twice, except the last one. Since the boss fights are basically diving into their soft spots, Bonk floating like a feather will give you little room to actually miss a dive. A couple of bosses are so easy you’ll think it’s bugged.

Plot-wise, Bonk goes into space, chasing after King Drool, the main enemy of the series. The enemies now are not dinosaurs but robots and androids, though several of them are dino-themed robots. Music is good and the levels are interesting for the most part.

An interesting thing happened to the box art. I guess they realized how in the box for the first Bonk game, Bonk looks like a douche while he should look endearing. So in the second game all they did was reusing the drawing of the japanese box, but changing the background. I agree with this approach. See the original box at the images.

And that’s it of Bonk for me. He only has two games for Gameboy.


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