Bonk’s Adventure

Finished Bonk’s Adventure yesterday. Bonk was a very famous series with several games released to multiple systems. This one for Gameboy is the only one I played it.

You attack your enemies using your humongous head to either headbutting or by jumping and diving head first into your target. The mechanics involved in making the perfect dive can be quite fun and interesting to master, even though Bonk is not the easiest character to control while midair. There’s also a lot of platforming elements using your dive, since dashing it allows Bonk’s jumps to have a wider reach.

The music is really catchy and sharp for a gameboy title and levels are interesting to look at and varied. Most of your enemies are humanoid dinosaurs (apparently you’re fighting your way through this dino civilization to rescue a dragon-princess who rules over the moon.) Enemies are a little bland to look at in my opinion but the bosses make up for it most of the time. Also some later enemies have technological enhancements to their bodies. As if dragons on the moon, humanoid dinosaurs and a human caveboy wasn’t enough for you.

There’s a couple of minigames and smiley coins to collect along the way if you’re interested in doing that. You can also collect a chop rib that changes your physical appearance but do little to change gameplay other than allowing you an extra hit point.

Overall I really enjoyed it. It’s a solid game from the golden age of platforming games. Bonk is really charismatic (even though the Us box art do a disservice in that regard. Look at the original box at the images.
Since I’m planning to play every Gameboy/Gameboy Color game out there, I’ll soon be playing the sequel, Bonk’s Revenge. Hopefully it’s at least as good as this one.


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